What people are saying about Foundations of Strategy …

This second edition of “Foundations of Strategy” is a concise but comprehensive strategic management textbook for both undergraduate-level and graduate-level students. The book covers some of the most fundamental challenges organizations face as they strive to gain and sustain competitive advantage. The book is full of contemporary case studies that include a balanced mix of theory and application in strategic management. This new edition provides a very useful tools and resources to the increasingly important discipline of strategic management.
Dr Jay Lee, California State University, Sacramento
Foundations of Strategy” explains current theory clearly and carefully, with a good range of examples. The quality of my students’ strategic analyses has improved perceptibly since I started using it.
Dr Adrian Haberberg, University of East London
The material is clearly written, based strongly on sound economic principles and not over-elaborated. It is precise, concise, clear and well laid out.
Malcolm Brady, DCU Ireland
This student-centred text is comprehensive, explains concepts without losing depth and features good, relevant examples.
Lindsay Muir, Liverpool John Moores University
Compared to other concise texts on Strategy, this text goes into more depth on important areas, explains economic underpinnings more clearly and also highlights common problems in applying models.
Sheena Davies, University of Portsmouth