Table of Contents

    1. The Concept of Strategy

      Opening Case: Strategy and success: Lady Gaga and Jeff Bezos

      The role of strategy in success

      A brief history of strategy

      Strategy today

      Strategic management of not-for-profit organizations

      The approach taken in this book

      Closing Case: Tough Mudder LLC: Turning mud runs into a global business
    2. Industry Analysis

      Opening Case: Pot of Gold? The Colorado marijuana growing industry

      From environmental analysis to industry analysis

      The determinants of industry profit: Demand and competition

      Analysing industry attractiveness

      Applying industry analysis to forecasting industry profitability

      Using industry analysis to develop strategy

      Defining an industry

      Reviewing the five forces of competition framework

      Segmentation analysis

      Dealing with dynamic competition

      From industry attractiveness to competitive advantage: Identifying key success factors

      Closing Case: Fitness First and the UK health and fitness industry
    3. Resources and Capabilities

      Opening Case: Harley Davidson Inc.

      The role of resources and capabilities in strategy formulation

      Identifying the organization’s resources and capabilities

      Appraising resources and capabilities

      Developing strategy implications

      Opening Case: Harley Davidson Inc.

      Closing Case: Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
    4. The nature and sources of competitive advantage

      Opening Case: Singapore Airlines (SIA)

      How competitive advantage emerges and is sustained

      Types of competitive advantage: Cost and differentiation

      Porter’s generic strategies and being ‘stuck in the middle’

      Developing strategy implications

      Closing Case: Starbucks Corporation
    5. Industry Evolution and Strategic Change

      Opening Case: The Evolution of Personal Computers

      The industry lifecycle

      Managing organizational adaptation and strategic change

      Managing strategic change

      Closing Case: Cirque du Soleil
    6. Technology-based Industries and the Management of Innovation

      Opening Case: ebook readers

      Competitive advantage in technology-intensive industries

      Strategies to exploit innovation: How and when to enter

      Competing for standards

      Implementing technology strategies: Creating the conditions for innovation

      Closing Case: Nespresso
    7. Corporate Strategy

      Opening Case: Tesco plc.: From food to finance

      The scope of the firm

      Key concepts for analysing firm scope


      Vertical integration

      Managing the corporate portfolio

      Closing Case: Diversification at Disney
    8. Global strategies and the multinational corporation

      Opening Case: IKEA’s international strategy

      The implications of international competition for industry analysis

      Analysing competitive advantage in an international context

      The international location of production

      How should firms enter foreign markets?

      Multinational strategies: Global integration vs. national differentiation

      Strategy and organization within the multinational corporation

      Closing Case: Sharp and the production of liquid crystal displays
    9. Realizing strategy

      Opening Case: BP’s environmental disasters

      From strategy to execution

      Organizational design: The fundamentals of organizing

      Organizational design: Choosing the right structure

      Organizational culture

      Closing Case: Designing and redesigning Cisco
    10. Current trends in strategic management

      The new environment of business

      New directions in strategic thinking

      Redesigning organizations

      The changing role of managers